Medical Devices - List of medical equipment surveyed by the Ministry of Health

This page presents a list of the most common words found in medical devices on this site. The words are shown in alphabetical order and the magnitude of the character represents the frequency with which they are present: the bigger the word is the more frequent finding it in the names of medical devices. By clicking on the word you will be postponed to a list that shows all the devices that contain it.
'flat 'round -hole aaren abdominal ablation absorbable absorbent abutment abutments access accessories accessory acetabular achroma acrylic action activ active acute adapter adapters adaptor additional adhesive adjustable administration adson adtec adult adults advance advanced aequalis aerosol afnor aggressive agoram airway albograft alguide align allen allergena alloy along alpha aluminium aluminum alvicath alviguide alvipro alvision amalgama amber analog anatomic anatomical anatomico anchor anchorage andrews anesthesia aneurysm angiographic angiography angioplasty angle angled angulated ankle ankylos anterior anti-human anti-rotation antibacterial antibody antidecubitus antimicrobial aortic apcii applicator arches archi argyle armada armchair armed arterial artery arthrodesis arthroscopy articulated ascent asnis aspheric aspiration assembly assufil assupro atraumatic attachment attack attacks attune auction audio augment autocaricante autoclavable autoclave autofilet autofilett autofor autofuser autograph automatic axial axsos bakey balanced balloon banda bandage bands barium barraquer barrel barren barrier basic basin basket battery bayonet bearing beauty beige bending bevel biaccoppiato bifurcated biliary bindings binocular biolox biopsy biosyn biphasic bipolar bites black bladder blade blades blepharostat blister block blood blunt board bolts bolus bondable bones bottle bottom bracelet brack bracket brackets breast breathable breathing bridge broach broad brown brush brushes buccal buffer bulldog buratto butterfly button cable cables caliper cambra camera canal cancellous cannula cannulae cannulated cappetta caprosyn carbide carbon carbostent carburized cardiac cardiovascular cards carotid carrier cartridge cases caspar castable castroviejo cataract catheter catheters cement cemented cemento centr central cephalic ceram ceramic ceramics ceramotion cerec cervical cesareo chair chamber channel chest chiba children chisel chrome chuck circle circuit circuits circular citrate clamp clamps clarity class classic clave clavicle clean cleaner cleaning clear cleat clips clone closed closing closure cloth coagulation coarse coated coating coaxial cobra cochlear cohesive collar collection collin colon color colorectal colored columbus column combo comfort community compact compatible complete component components composite compressed compression compressor concave concrete condylar conical connect connecting connection connector connectors contact container containers contour contra control convertible convex cooley coping copper corneal corner coronary corpootto corset cortex cortical cotonini cottle cotton court cover covered covers cream cross crown crowns cuffed cuniti curette curettes curve curved cushing cushion custom cutter cutters cutting cylinder cylindrical cytological dacron dafilon darvin deaflux debakey degrees delicate delivery delta dentaform dental dentin dentistry depth designed detachable device devices dexon diagnostic dialysis diamantata diameter diamond diaper diapers diaphyseal dideco digital dilatation dilator dilators direct discovery discs disposable dissecting dissection dissector distal distractor dknee double doyen drain drainage drape drapes dressing drill drilled drilling drills drive driver drops dynamic easykit echogenic edgewise eklisse elastic elastomeric elastomerico elbow electric electrical electro electrode electrodes electrophysiology electrosurgical element elevator elisa elite eluting emergency empty endocav endodontic endoprostheses endoscope endoscopic endotracheal endovascular enduro enteral envelope epidural equator equilibrium equipment ergonomic esophageal esthetic eurobrown evolution exacta examination exchange exeter expandable expander expansion expedium expert extended extension external extra extracting extraction extractor extreme extremifix extremilock fabric factor falcon fashion feather feeder feeding female femoral femur fenestrated fiber fibre field filbloc files filet filled fillet filling filter filters final finger fingerprint firebird first fistula fitting fixation fixed fixer fixing flange flash flash-free flexible floor fluid fluted folding foley footwear force forceps fracture fragments frame frames freedom freeform french frequency fresa front fully function furniture fusion galaxy galilean gambaletto garza gastrostomy gauge gauze gemini general generator genus glacier glare glass glasses glenoid glicofil glide global glove gloves gore-tex gouge governed gracey graduated graft grain grasp grasper grasping great green group guard guardian guide guided guidewire guiding guillotine gynecology hammer handle handles handpiece hands hartmann headgear headless headphones heads headset healing hearing heart heated heavy hegar height helical helmet hemodialysis hemodynamic hemostasis heparin heraceram hernia hexagon hi-line hi-tii highlight hinge histologial histology holder holders holders- holes hollow homer hooks hopkins horizon horizontal hospital hospitals housing humeral humerus humidifier hybrid hydraulic hydrophile hydrophilic hydrophobic hypodermic i-carbofilm ideal idrorepellente iliac image impactor implant implantable implante implants impression imprint inches inclined infant inflation infuser infusion injection injector inlab inline inner insert insertion inserts inspira instant instrument instruments insulated insulin intake integrated intenseornge intensive interface internal intracavitary intramedullary intramid intraocular intravascular intrigue introducer introduction intubation invasive irrigation isolated jacobson joint journey judkins k-wire kangaroo kelly kerator kerrison kinds kirschner kit-la knife kocher krugg kuentscher kyphoplasty label laboratory lacrimal lambotte lanceolate langenbeck laparoscopic laparoscopy laparotomy lapredisposta large laryng laryngeal laryngoscope laser latch lateral lateralized latex layers legacy legion length lenses level lever liaison lifestockings ligatures light linear liner lines lingual linidor liquid liquids little lives locator locked locking logic lordotic lower lumbar lumen lungh magic magnetic malleable mallinckrodt mandibular mantis manual marker marrow maryland masks master matrix mattress maxlock maxon mcghan measure measurement measuring mechanical medentiloc media medial medical medication medium membrane memory meniscal meniscus metal meter metzenbaum micro microclave microfrance micron microscope middle miller milling mills miniature mirror mobile mobility model modellare models moderate modified modular module molar molars mondial monitor monitoring mono-axial monoaxial monobloc monoclonal monocollant monofil monofilament monofocal monomed monophasic monoplus monopolar monosof monosyn morse mosquito motion motivation motor mount mounted mounting mouse mouth mueller multi multi-axial multi-unit multiaxial multifocal multigen nails naked narrow nasal natrelle natural needle needles neo-hydro neo-sof neonatal neoprene nephrostomy nerve network neuro neurosorb neurosurgery neutral ni-ti nickel nited nitinol nitrile nobelrondo nobrpl non-sterile non-stick non-woven nonsterile nonstone normal novalisa novosyn npore ntscher nucleus number nupolar nursery nursing nutrition nylon oblique obturator obwegeser occhiale occluder offset olympus omega opaque opaquer opening operating ophthalmic optetrak optic optical optilene optima optitorque orange organic original orochiaro ortho orthodontic orthopedic orthos oscillating osteopower osteosynthesis osteotome other outer outside ovation oxygen pacing package padded pancreatic panel panties pants paper parallel partial partially parts paste patch patches patella patellar patient pearl pedal pediatric pedicle pelvic percutaneous perforated perforators perfusion peripheral permachrome permanent perthese phantom phase phisio phoenix physica piece pieces piercing pigtail pillar pillow pilot pinzette pipeline pipes pirouette piston pitch pivot planning plant plants plaque plasma plaster plastic plate plateau plates platform plating platinum plier pliers pocket pododiabet pododiabet-p point pointed points polaris poles polyaxial polycarbonate polyclonal polyester polyethylene polymer polypectomy polypropylene polysorb polyurethane porous portable position positioning posterior potts powder power pre-cut preassembled precision preformed preloaded premicron premilene premium premolar preparation prepared prepuntata prescription press pressure prestige prewelded primary prime primer primum prismatic probe probes procedure procedures procera products profemur professional profile progressive prontopac prosthesis prosthetic protect protected protection protective protector prova provisional proximal pulse punch punta purple purpose quality quick rabbit radial radifocus radio radiolucent radiopaque radius range ranked rapid rasps ratchet reading ready ready-to-use reagent reamer recamier recon reconstruction recording recovery rectal rectangular rectum redel redon reduction refill regular regulator reinforced reinforcement release remote removable removal renal repellent replacement resection resector reservoir resin resistant respiratory resterilizable restoration restraints retention retentive retractor retractors retrograde return reusable reuse reverse review revisio revision ricketts right rigid rings roller rongeur roots rosen rotary rotating rotation round rubber safety safil sagittal saline sampling sauber saxxo scaler scalpel scientific scissor scissors scoop scorpio scorr screen screw screwdriver screws second secondary section sections security select selene self-expandable self-expanding self-ligating self-tapp self-tapping semi-automatic sensitive sensor serenity series serrated serum shaft shamir shank shape shaped sharp shaver sheath sheet sheets shell shield shiley shirt shirts shoes short shoulder shower shutter sigma signature silicon silicone silimed silkam silksurface silver similar simple single single-use sinus sirolimus sizer sizers sleeve slide slotted small smallbore smart smartclip smartloc smooth socket socks sodium sofsilk software solera solid solution sonde sound source soutter space spacer spare spatula special specific spectrum speculum speed spencer sphygmomanometer spike spinal spine spiral splint sponge spongiosa spoon sport spray spring sprint square stability stabilized stage stain stainless stalk stand standard staple stapler stardrive starter steel steinmann stems stent stents steri steril sterile sterilization sternum stick sticker stickers still stille stimolaz stimulation stopcock storage storz straight straumann stretch stretcher string strings strip striper strips strong stryker stump style stylet suarez submerged suction sugita super support supreme surface surgery surgical surgipro suture swing swivel symfony synergy synthetic syringe system systems table tablets taper tapered tapping target targon taurus technical technique technology tecnis teeth telescope temperature template temporary terminal terumo tests textured therapy thermal thermometer thick thickness thigh thoracic thread threaded threadlike three through tibia tibial tibialis ticron tights tissue titan titanium together tongue tools tooth toric torque total touch towel towels tracheal tracheostomy traction traditional trans transducer transfer transitions transluminal transmucosal transparent transport trays treatment trial triangular triathlon triple trivex trocar trochanteric trolley tru-arch tubes tubing tubular tungsten tweezer twist types uhmwpe ultimate ultra ultrasound uncemented uncuffed uni-planar uni-plus uniaxial unique units unity univation universal upper ureteral urethral urine urology useful uterine v-slot va-lcp vacuum vaginal valva valve valves variable variax varimed vascuflex vascular velcro velour venous ventilation venus verisyse version vertebroplasty vertical victory video vinyl violet visceral vision visual vitrectomy vitreoretinal vivodent volkmann walker washer water waterproof wedge welding wheelchair wheels white width window wintersun wireless wires without working wound woven wrench wrist x-ray xtractive yankauer yasargil yellow zeffiro zigrinato zimmer zipwire zirconia